Top 3 Summer Insurance Questions!

Summer doggie Ah, summer is here. I know at some point this past week we have all thought how is it June, and almost July? If you haven’t thought that yet, you’re welcome. Also, you’re welcome for the cute dog pic! Where has the year gone?! I remember being so excited for summer break as a kid. No more school. Summers for me meant being outside in the back yard at the pool, making silly home videos with my sisters, sport camps and doing a minimum of 100 free throws in the street EVERYDAY no matter how hot it was! (Thanks Dad)

But as an adult summers are a little bit different. Time off is limited and no longer a stretch of three months. It is also jam packed with vacation planning, family visits, work, BBQ’s, pool parties, boating, RV/tent camping, weddings, showers, making sure kids are entertained and home maintenance etc.

This year I have a packed summer and while it will still take some effort on me and my husband’s part to prepare for it, I’m looking forward to it. We have family coming in from out of State to visit, a family friend from Germany coming to visit, short trips to Lake Tahoe, and several birthday parties for nieces and nephews along with some out of town weddings and bridal showers, and boating…always boating!

It is easy to get distracted in the summer planning and prepping to forget about making sure you understand your insurance policy, and what your needs are. Some of the most common questions we get around the summer months are:

  1. Does my policy cover my rental car when I go out of town?
  2. I am having a wedding/party at a church/event center or park and need coverage does my policy cover that?
  3. How can I make sure my belongings are covered when I go out of town?


Rental Cars:

If your policy has physical damage and you are renting a vehicle while out of town, or your vehicle is in the shop your policy will transfer to that rental vehicle like you were driving your own vehicle. The policy will only transfer if you are in the U.S. if you are going out of the country you will need to purchase the coverage when you rent the vehicle.

When you want to rent a vehicle just to keep mileage off your own vehicle you will also need to purchase the coverage when renting a vehicle. A good rule of thumb is your policy will transfer to the rental vehicle if:

  1. You have physical damage
  2. If you are in the U.S.
  3. If you are away from your vehicle (i.e. out of town, or your vehicle is in the shop)

Event or Party Insurance:

Wedding Crashers It’s Wedding Season and if you are having a wedding or large event where you are renting a space that requires listing the facility/company on the policy as an Additional Insured/Interest you will need to purchase Event Insurance. All of our carriers will not allow an event vendor to be listed on a homeowner policy. Event Insurance is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased online or if you cannot find a company online ask the vendor for a recommendation.

We all have the occasional backyard shin-dig and statistics show many claims happen while at home. In order to make sure you are safe at your own get together is to check for any trip and fall hazards outside like cracks in the concrete, water hoses, chords, lawn equipment etc. If you are going to have a lot of people over make sure your party area is picked up and give your guests room to move. You also want to make sure your BBQ has some good clearence. BBQ fires are very common in the summer so keep your guests especially little ones and pets away from the BBQ. If you haven’t used it in a while a good tune up never hurts! You’ll also want to make sure that your home/renters liability is a little higher if you have a pool or pets. If someone were to have an accident and sue you you’ll want to make sure you have enough liability for any legal fees…heaven forbid!

Personal Property and Scheduled Items:

If you have a renters policy or a homeowners policy your belongings are covered anywhere in the world. So if you were to go on vacation and your luggage is lost, stolen etc your belongings are covered less your deductible.passport-with-travel-elements-around-to-travel-time-vector However, if you have more valuable items such as jewelry, silver, artwork etc you will want to have them scheduled. This means you want that item insured to value so if it is lost or stolen the company can replace the item of like and kind with a zero dollar deductible. That means you do not pay a deductible for a claim on a scheduled item. Scheduling an item will result in an additional premium and the company will require proof of value and/or a photo. Some companies will put the item on a separate policy instead of adding to your homeowners policy which is most commonly called a jewelry floater, or personal articles floater.

If the item is lost or stolen and is not insured to value you will only be given the internal policy limit to replace the item and will be subject to your deductible. The most common minimum internal limit for jewelry is $1500 for all of your jewelry as a whole. Many companies can increase this limit but just to be safe schedule your valuable items. Especially if you are taking an item on a vacation!

We want you to enjoy your summer, no matter how chaotic or relaxing it can be. Take a few minutes and make sure you know what your insurance needs are and if you have taken the steps to get the coverage! As always, call us with any questions and check in with us on Facebook!

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