Purging your stuff is good for your Home Insurance?!

If you were sitting with me at this moment you’d find out I have a holiday song stuck in my head. I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard this particular song today on my holiday Pandora mix, but I could be wrong. All of the holiday songs seems to blend into one big song on repeat from Thanksgiving to the New Year! But I love them! I wouldn’t listen to them if I didn’t!

I feel like this year the holiday season kind of snuck up on us. Here in the Sacramento area we didn’t start to see fall like weather until geez, a few weeks ago and then boom…winter is here. I wasn’t prepared for it! Kudos to everyone out there that has their decorating and shopping done already! Me, I just started making my lists and probably won’t actually go Christmas shopping for a few days.

Currently, my household is getting ready for out of town guests! I’m sure many of you are having company this holiday season and are running around in your spare time trying to get your house ready, ON TOP of the regular holiday to-dos. So many things to clean and wash and make sure your guest bedroom and bathroom are in tip top shape!

As I spent last weekend deep cleaning my house it gave me a jump start on my New Years Resolutions. Yes, I thought about it way in advance this year. I wanted to purge and get rid of clutter and things I didn’t need, want, use or wear any more. My New Years Resolution for 2020 is to get rid of the additional riff raff around my house I do not use or wear or need. Simplify and Minimize Baby!

We do not really realize how much stuff we actually acquire over time. How good does it feel to let go of unwanted items. For me I felt a weight off my shoulders, and I just emptied out a closet! Not only did I feel lighter, but having a purged out closet gave me a mini boost of energy to do more. Besides, someone else will use it and need it more than I do.

So what does purging my house have to do with home insurance. Welp there are lots of ways that cleaning out stuff ties into your homeowners’ insurance. First of all it helps to give me a good sense at what I have and create an inventory in case of a loss. If you suffer a total loss in your home having a home inventory can help your claims adjuster put together the items you had so the company can best replace those items. Better yet, take your smart phone or any recording device and walk around your house to create a documented video of your items.

Reducing clutter could also prevent a trip and fall hazard or another type of liability loss. Say a party guest trips over that tiny pile of clutter in the corner and breaks their arm! You could be liable. Some of us tend to over do it on decorating, but hey, it’s the holidays! If that is the case your electric outlets may have three or four or maybe more extension chords and one of those could spark a fire. Keep a good watch on those outlets and unplug them when not in use. Make sure that the chords are not a trip and fall hazard too! Having additional clutter here and there could also help fuel a fire if a spark should happen. I’m not saying you have to get rid of everything, but you get the point.

Remember, insurance exists to protect you from a sudden and accidental loss that creates a financial hardship. Of course you never know what will happen but I do know that I can do my best to avoid a loss at any cost. This season I’d rather be focusing on spending time together with my friends and family and not dealing with a claim! Now, back to my holiday play list and New Years resolution cleaning! Happy Holidays!


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