Val Welcome to The Lovely Insurance Lady. This is where I will blog about your personal lines insurance. Insurance is something we all are required to have but HATE talking about it or learning about it. My hope is that you will be educated about the insurance you are required to have, and maybe even entertained a bit! Feel free to send me your questions to lovelyinsurancelady@gmail.com, but remember if you have policy specific questions, changes or billing questions please contact your agent.

Who is The Lovely Insurance Lady?

Valerie Ouellette is your Lovely Insurance Lady! She is the Marketing Director for American Diversified Insurance Services Inc. American Diversified is an Independent Insurance Agency located in El Dorado Hills, CA. They have been a family owned and operated business for over 30 years. Valerie joined her father Reggie Adams in 2009. She is licensed in Personal Lines and is in charge of all the marketing efforts within the agency.

Valerie has recognized that there is a huge gap in the population in regards to their knowledge of insurance. So many of the agency’s customers/friends/family you name it, have their own views and ideas of what their policies are and what they cover. Many of them are not correct, and it is just because people are not educated about their policies or the way insurance works. Or they tend to Google it (we’ve all done it) and believe the first thing they read. Someone needs to bridge that gap!

familyIn her free time Valerie loves to find cool things to do with her husband, Mike and step son Mason, and their pack of five doggies. She is also very passionate about health and fitness and is a fitness coach slash life blogger outside of the office. Valerie loves to be part of her small town community and gather people together for themed parties, and charity events and community gatherings.